Goal and Mission

The idea of a Financial Trading Laboratory is to induce the practicality element in finance and investment related modules. The Financial Trading Laboratory is designed to bring the activity of the financial markets into the classroom. To create the dynamic bridge between business theory and practice, it replicates the characteristics of a professional trading room and allows students to gain access to the same market data, analysis, news and real-time resources available to the professional traders in the financial institutions all over the world. The intervention of real world content into an academic setting helps provide a strong motivation for learning.


The Financial Trading Laboratory will provide the facilities required for quality finance education and research through experiential learning. Resources at the Financial Trading Laboratory which incorporate the latest trading technology and market databases are integrated into the core finance curriculum. Students are given the chances to have hands-on training in analysing and trading different financial markets including foreign exchange, money market, fixed income (bond), commodities, derivatives and structured products. The Trading Laboratory will make classes more interactive, interesting and participatory, which is more appealing to both students and professors. It not only provides students with the theory and the practical experience but also gives them the skills and the competitive edge necessary for a career in the financial services sector, as our finance graduates will already be proficient at using a key tool that is being used by most successful financial firms.





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